Our Very Own Miss December!!!!

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Sweet Lilu`s is a family…… it`s a fact that we probably spend more time together than we do with our real families and a special bond has formed between us all.

Over the coming weeks we would like to introduce our Sweet Lilu`s family to you and where better place to start than with the Boss…the one and only Miss Beth Hensley.

Miss DecemberEver wondered where she thought up the company name? Well Sweet Lilu`s was originally named after the two things dearest to her heart. her two young sons Liam and Luke…the sweet element came along a year later in the form of her precious third child and only daughter little Laurel Beth Hensley!

Where does a person start to describe Beth?

Well she is a real “foodie”!!! Juggling looking after her family and her growing business doesn`t really leave her with much down time but when she can grab a quiet minute for herself you will invariably find her reading recipe books or downloading recipes which have caught her eye from the internet..oh ..and eating|! Yes, Beth loves food.

After graduating from Sullivan University`s program for Baking and Pastry Arts in 2001 it was always her dream to have her own business, something she achieved in 2011 with baby Laurel arriving shortly after Sweet Lilu’s and the company has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Beth loves to cook and she loves teaching others how to cook too so whilst she has handed over some of the responsibilities to her trained staff, it would be fair to say that nothing leaves our kitchen till it has passed muster with her!

Whether it`s catering for a wedding for 500 or cooking a meal for her family at home, her passion for food shines through.

We are very proud of Beth at Sweet Lilu`s . There`s rarely a time when she will say no to a charity looking for help and this year, putting all nerves aside, she was one of the models for the Women of Woodford calendar to raise money for the Woodford Theatre.

“It was a little scary but apart from raising funds for our community theatre it was also to show just how many businesses in this county are owned and run by women. I`m happy that I joined those other women in the venture although my husband`s still a little unsure about it all!!” laughed Beth.

And no words about Beth would be complete without a mention of her amazingly supportive husband Jonathan…we love him every bit as much as we love Beth “None of this would have ever turned from a dream to reality without my husband`s support. I know the long hours I work sometimes take their toll but he is my rock and helps make this possible” said Beth

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