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the Lilu's you love,

at home

 *Menu for the Week *

Lilu's Home Pantry menu updates with new family-style favorites

and perfectly-paired appetizers, mocktails, and desserts so you

can enjoy the complete Lilu's experience at home.

Eat. Good. Food. & Save Small Business. 


All Pantry meals are fully-cooked

and reheat-ready

Lilu’s Home Pantry is not only a way for Lilu’s Lovers to enjoy amazing family-style catered meals at home - but also supports small business, which keeps essential jobs for families here in Central Kentucky!

What is 

Ask Chef Beth >


Family-Style meals are portioned with a hungry family in mind. Our entree packages are enough to feed 4 adults and most folks have leftovers!

Lilu’s Home Pantry changes with a rotation of new recipes and classic fan-favorites!


All entrees are packaged family-style in generous portions and intended to feed a family of 2,4 or 6 servings in each pack - our meals are served in reusable containers since most folks have leftovers! 

Please order at least 24 hrs in advance. Curbside Pickup and Delivery available Tuesdays & Fridays. (Email or 859-879-3210 to request meals for another day.) 


FREE Delivery to the City of Versailles. 

Delivery to Lexington - Frankfort - Nicholasville 

Reheat Instructions

All Pantry Packs are fully cooked but may need reheating.

Oven: We recommend reheating in a covered oven-safe dish for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.


Microwave: 1-2 minutes in the microwave, then check temp, then another 1-2 minutes.

Reheat times and temps are just suggestions as personal preference and ovens can vary.

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