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Sweet Lilu's Cake Guide: Part V - Rich & Robust Collection

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We love cake - especially wedding cake! And are doing to-go cake tastings, which we are so excited about - so to help you narrow down flavors here is Part V of our flavor guide!

Did you know that Sweet Lilu's has an award-winning in-house bakery where we whip us amazing sweet treats - including some of the most amazing gluten-free wedding cakes in Central Kentucky!

Sweet Lilu's Bakery has been baking some of Central Kentucky's best-loved cakes since 2011 and is dedicated to creating the cake of your dreams! We have several collections of flavors to help you find your favorite combination, so we've created a multi-part flavor guide to some of our most popular options! Part V defines our favorite decadent cake flavors.

PART V - RICH & ROBUST. Explore the Flavors inspired from the beauty of nature! We take our cues from the vineyards, herb gardens to bring the fresh flavors alive in our cakes!

Rich and decadent!

Red Velvet

German Chocolate

Maple Brown Sugar


Red Velvet. Kind of indescribable goodness and one-of-a-kind flavor that is a little chocolatey, tangy, sweet, and a bit buttery.

German Chocolate. Milk Chocolate cake flavored with chef-selected cacao power paired with our German Chocolate Coconut filling.

Maple Brown Sugar. Our best-loved cake flavor of all time! So so good, like the most amazing pancake ever!

Chocolate. Tried and true - a timeless classic! Perfectly blended chocolate flavor with Chef-selected cacao. We love paired with the White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse!

Let them eat cake!

We'd love to schedule a consultation and a tasting, click here to book an appointment - and welcome to the sweet life!

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