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Hot Cocoa Bar Fit for the Jolly Elf Himself.

We love a cocoa bar while hosting a winter wedding or intimate holiday entertaining at home - and here are some of our favorite Top 5 Hot Cocoa toppings to get your coca bar on the nice list!

  1. Toasted Marshmallows - Use mini or regular size 'mallows - and then drizzle with syrup! Use a kitchen torch to toast the marshmallows without melting them - the little bits of char brings a complex and smoky flavor to your cocoa!

2. White Chocolate Shapes - Pour melted white chocolate into festive cookie cutters (like snowflakes or trees) and decorate with crushed peppermint or toffee!

3. Fresh Whipped Cream is SO GOOD. To turn the flavor up - add vanilla or peppermint extract to the heavy cream and powdered sugar and *poof* hot cocoa magic!

4. Meringue Kisses - which look like little clouds, are perfect to top whipped cream.

Our favorites are the ones made in the Lilu's bakery, but you can find them at grocery stores if you are trying to host your cocoa bar at home!

5. Pirouette Cookies - These crispy little treats are made of a super-thin wafer rolled around a creme center.

They are super cute and can often be found in hazelnut, chocolate, or vanilla creme.

To pull your bar together put all of your toppings in festive little ramekins for a super cute cocoa station that will make everyone on Santa's list jolly!

ProTip - don't forget the sprinkles!

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