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Springtime Inspiration - 2 Part Series! The Menu

Easter is feels like the kickoff to spring and we love celebrating with a beautiful table, a delicious meal, and people we love!

Check out our 2-Part Easter Inspo Series to celebrate effortlessly this year with an A La Carte Holiday menu from Lilu's inspired by our own family favorites!

Mix and match our holiday favorites with your own family traditions for the perfect holiday menu!

Easter Inspiration Part 2: Menu Love!

One of our favorite parts of entertaining and celebrating is sharing the love with good food! The Lilu's Seasonal Easter Menu!

1. Classic Carved Ham

If you ask Kentuckians what they have on their Easter table, we bet a large percentage would say dinner would not complete without a perfect ham! So the big question is ... which do you prefer - a savory rub or brown sugar glazed?

Try pairing with Whipped Potatoes - Cranberry + Orange Compote - Caramelized Brussel Sprouts!

2. Beef - Roasts and Tenderloins

Slow-cooked showstoppers like tender beef tenderloin or a classic Sunday roast bring back those nostalgic flavors of being home with family and friends for the holidays.

The tenderloin is - you guessed it-

the most tender cut of beef and one of our favorite ways to serve it is with a pinch of salt and herbed butter!

This dish reheats well and makes an amazing sandwich with any leftovers!

Pot Roast gives us all those family-dinner-at-grandma's vibes with rich flavor and the fall apart beef can only get from hours of slow cooking. Serve with hearty pieces of carrots, potatoes and rustic bread!

This favorite freezes and reheats well if there are leftovers!


While the roasts, turkey, lamb, and glazed ham are no question the show stoppers of the holiday table - some guests are really there to celebrate the sides!

We recommend 2-3 sides for a holiday table and love to create a menu with a nice balance of sweet-savory flavors and options of starchy and vegetable-based sides.

One of our favorite pairings is a sweetened Carrot Souffle with Pecan Streusel - Caramelized Brussel Sprouts with Candied Bacon and White Cheddar Mac and Cheese.

And for grains - a yeast roll with cinnamon honey butter is always a crown pleaser!!

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