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Mother's Day made in Woodford County

We've partnered with some of our favorite #womenofwoodford to create some amazing locally made gift packages to wow mom this Mother's Day!

Made in Woodford Package Options feature locally made favorites from

Sweet Lilu's ✦ Bluegrass Fine Arts Wildside Winery ✦ Bel Air Florist & Gift Shop

Suggestions for a perfect pairing!

Win: Bottle of Wine + Truffle Box

Place: Truffle Box + Bouquet

Show: Dinner + Dessert Box + Bottle of Wine

Trifecta: Dinner + Truffles + Bouquet

Winner's Circle: Dinner + Dessert + Happy Hour Selection + Bouquet

And to take the guesswork out - we've created a cheat sheet for you as a flavor pairing guide!

or call us, we are happy to help over the phone! (859) 879 - 3210

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