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Woodford County Festival of Trees 2020: Treat Tree to Support our Sweet Community!

We have been participating in the Woodford County Festival of Trees since the first year it was held here in 2018. The mission of this organization is simple - support the youth of the community - their hard work and dedication is anything but!

This year the event looked a bit different - with the 17 donated trees being hosted at different businesses around Woodford Co. instead of the live community event at The Galerie that has occurred for the last two years.

The 17 decorated trees were hosted for several weeks across businesses in Midway and Versailles - and one out at Wildside, too. It created a trail of trees that gave the community tons of time to see the trees while socially distant.

We were in love with our Unicorn Treat Tree that we hosted at Cafe Lilu! Normally we contribute with tasty treats to the live event, so this was the first year we've actually decorated and donated a tree for the raffle!

Check out this feature from Spectrum News 1 - and we can't wait to see you for next year!!

Happy Holidays and thank you for supporting Woodford Co. Festival of Trees!

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